21 & 22 August 2019, Hilton Sydney



Network Managers

You’re responsible for a complex enterprise network, globally or nationally. You’re under pressure to cut costs and grow your network but don’t have enough time to research the latest networking solutions or best practices. At the WAN Summit you’ll:

  • Learn from peers how to redesign your network to take advantage of SD-WAN technology

  • Hear from independent consultants about the latest WAN market trends

  • Make new connections in the network manager community and debate challenges such as sourcing suppliers, providing cloud connectivity and ensuring security

  • Meet IT solution providers with cutting-edge networking solutions on a commitment-free basis

Service Providers

You deliver corporate telecommunication services to enterprises with national or global networks. You recognize that your services need to adapt to the demands of the cloud and the evolving traffic patterns on your customers' networks. At the WAN Summit you’ll:

  • Discover what challenges network managers face today

  • Learn how enterprises deliver cloud services to their organization

  • Become an integral part of the enterprise community by engaging in ongoing industry debates

  • Showcase your services to an engaged audience of IT managers

IT Solutions Vendors

You’re a vendor looking to promote your unique networking solutions to a wider audience. You’re tired of conferences where the focus is too broad, making it difficult to engage potential customers. At the WAN Summit you’ll:

  • Engage with a focused group of enterprise attendees learning how to improve their WAN

  • Hear about new solutions offered by telecom service providers

  • Receive critical insights from independent consultants on WAN market trends

  • Make new business connections in the enterprise community


You’re a consultancy with years of experience helping enterprises take control of their network procurement, handle their RFQs, and select/manage IT solution vendors. You want to meet prospective customers in a setting that is ripe for engagement. This event is where you’ll:

  • Meet enterprise attendees actively looking for solutions to network challenges

  • Catch up with leading telecom service providers and learn how they are adapting to the cloud

  • Be part of the ongoing conversation about opportunities and trends in the market

  • Discover new players and service offerings in the SD-WAN space