Preliminary Agenda

WAN Summit Singapore 

September 20-21, 2016


Conference Day One: September 20


8:10 Registration and Refreshments

9:00 Opening Remarks

9:10 Keynote: What is Ahead for the WAN – Separating Hype from Reality

Carriers are deploying new WAN designs and service features to meet specific business requirements. This session will focus on what changes a corporate WAN buyer should anticipate, particularly for the APAC region. 

Mark Bennett, Head of Global Fixed Connectivity, VODAFONE

9:35 Panel: The Hybrid WAN — How SD-WAN, Internet, and Business Broadband are Changing the WAN

The decade plus dominance of the all-MPLS WAN is waning and hybrid network solutions that incorporate dedicated Internet access and business broadband are becoming increasingly more common. This session will gather experiences from carriers, vendors, and end-users on why they moved traffic to the Internet, how they integrated SD-WAN into their network strategy, and what they learned along the way. Topics will include:

  • What challenges do enterprises typically encounter during the transition from all-MPLS to a hybrid WAN? 
  • How much can organizations realistically expect to save by moving to a hybrid WAN? 
  • How have traffic prioritization and SLAs changed? How do network managers balance performance versus cost savings? 
  • What are the implications for network security, and how do IT security models need to evolve with the emergence of hybrid WANs?
  • Are there countries in APAC where local ISP broadband is not adequate for WAN use? What markets are particularly well suited to making this transition, both in terms of price, as well as service reliability?
  • Are there challenges unique to APAC in regards to rolling out a unified service across multiple countries? What impact does a fractured regulatory picture have on equipment/service rollouts?

Raoul Tecala, Group Networking Practice Director: WAN, DIMENSION DATA

Toshal Dudhwala, Product Management & Business Development Leader, NUAGE NETWORKS

Martin Bishop, Head of Network Applications and Services (NAS), TELSTRA

Joseph Chung, Regional Vice President Sales & Business Development, VELOCLOUD

Idris Vasi, Managing Director, Asia-Pac, VIPTELA

Moderator: Ciaran Roche, Co-founder and CTO, COEVOLVE

10:15 Volex Case Study: Deploying Global SD-WAN to Connect, Accelerate and Scale

Volex, a leading electrical equipment manufacturer, was in the process of introducing a strategic initiative called the Volex Transformation Program to increase overall business process efficiency and reduce operating costs globally. The execution of this program necessitated the adoption Office 365, Salesforce, cloud-based ERP systems, and other SaaS applications. The company recognized the importance of the WAN in adopting their new cloud strategy, and found that their existing MPLS-based solution did not meet performance expectations, took too long to deploy and scale, and did not provide connectivity to most cloud/SaaS services.
Learn how Volex deployed a global SD-WAN solution within days, and experienced up to 12X faster performance, more reliable connectivity to their cloud instances and SaaS applications, up to 32 Mbps bandwidth savings, and lower costs, thereby enabling the execution of the Volex Transformation Program. Also, learn how you can deploy a global SD-WAN solution to achieve similar results for your business.

Lucas Goh, Group IT Infrastructure Manager, VOLEX

Feroz Zaveri, Director, Customer Acquisition and Success, APAC, ARYAKA 

10:40 Morning Coffee Break

11:10 TeleGeography Presentation: Benchmarking Enterprise Networks: What Should Enterprises Pay Across the World and Across the Network? 

This TeleGeography presentation is focused on global data and voice pricing trends and how they can be applied to enterprise networks. It will present a hypothetical WAN scenario to model network configuration changes and how they can impact network spend in the future.

Greg Bryan, Senior Manager, Enterprise Research, TELEGEOGRAPHY

11:30 Panel: The Path Ahead — Carriers Review their APAC Network Roadmaps

We are at the beginning of a period of sweeping change in the corporate networks sector driven by the rise of cloud services, the emergence of new networking technologies and changes in user devices, applications, and behaviors. This panel will explore how carriers are responding to changing network needs, what they see coming over the next five years, and how these changes will impact the Asia & Pacific region

  • How have SDN and NFV been implemented in carrier networks and what changes will they bring to enterprise customers? How are carriers working to extend the benefits of SDN to partner sites? 
  • How can network monitoring and data collection make corporate WANs more efficient and secure? 
  • How will SD-WAN affect demand for MPLS and how are carriers responding to this new technology?
  • How will architectures change and adapt to demands of BYOD and the consumerization of IT?
  • How do you handle service in China were Chinese partnerships are a necessity and regulations often different than other large economies?
  • Are there unique ways of creating and implementing networks in the APAC region?
  • What effects do the move toward unified communications and collaboration have on the WAN?
  • What role will layer 2 play in the WAN? Will demand for Ethernet VPNs expand?

Chris Rezentes, Partner and Product Strategy, VERIZON

Cedric Gouliardon, CTO and Head of Product, MYREPUBLIC LIMITED

Lester Chua, Technical Solution Consultant, ASEAN, AT&T

Boon Huat Goh, Vice President (Business Products) Group Enterprise, SINGTEL

Laurent Perrin, Director of International Product Management, ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES

Moderator: Rob Schult, Research Director, TELEGEOGRAPHY

12:10 Lunch

13:30  Panel: Delivering the Cloud to Corporate Customers and Employees

When cloud was emerging one big challenge to get past was that many IT professionals still took the network as a given. Now that more stakeholders realize the importance of the WAN, discussions of cloud services are often focused on the geography and technology of the network. This panel will highlight issues and
experiences with delivering the cloud both to the enterprise and to users within the enterprise.

  • How can network managers best balance cloud traffic with tight budgets? How can they best manage usage-based services?  
  • How does the increasing use of cloud services by enterprise employees impact the choice of branch office access/broadband selection? 
  • How important is a cloud provider’s geographic footprint? How does this differ by the type of cloud service being used?
  • When are direct connects necessary? When can IP transit suffice?
  • What are the best practices for securing different types of cloud traffic? 
  • What is cloud datacentre density like in the APAC region? How are service levels impacted in more remote markets?

Jobayer Hossain, Sr. Lead System Administrator, BRAC

Anup Changaroth, Director, Portfolio Marketing, APAC, CIENA


Simon Waller, VP of Carrier Sales for EMEA and APAC, GTT

Harsha Ram, AVP & Head Product – Data and Managed Network Services, SIFY CORP

Modreator: Diarmid Massey, VP Sales, APAC, EQUINIX

14:10 TeleGeography Presentation: Review of APAC Submarine Cable Geography and Pricing

This TeleGeography presentation will highlight the geography, ownership, and latency of existing and planned submarine cables in the APAC region, and review how prices for routes that use these cables have developed over the past few years.

Brianna Boudreau, Senior Analyst, TELEGEOGRAPHY

14:30 Afternoon Coffee Break

15:00 Knowledge Exchange: Insights from the floor

An opportunity to explore questions raised by the conference in more depth, with audience members determining their own needs and outcomes based on experience from within their own organizations. Seated at round tables, each group will have the opportunity to challenge and debate the topics discussed on the main stage, offering delegates the opportunity for both peer-to-peer exchange and expert guidance

15:40 Presentation: Contracts and Regulations in the Politically Fractured APAC Region

This presentation will focus on legal issues and trends for IT sourcing across the APAC region.


 16:05 Panel: Tales from Network Architecture — Challenges, Failures, and Successes of Meeting Business Needs on a Budget in the Asia and Pacific Region and Across the Globe

The challenge of sourcing networks is not a merely matter of network architecture, but also managing vendor relationships, understanding IT needs, and marketing new network technologies or configurations internally. This panel will feature experiences and insights about the business of sourcing and managing networks,
particularly in APAC where the physical and economic geography can present additional hurdles

  • Experiences with translating the needs of disparate IT teams into a network that minmizes cost and maximizes functionality across the enterprise
  • Insight into navigating the RFP and contracting process. Are contracts typically custom to the deal or standardized in the region?
  • Tips for managing carrier and vendor relationships, including provisioning times, SLA enforcement, billing, and communication in general
  • Discussion of the unique network challenges facing the APAC region, including constructing a network across diverse markets, sourcing from global or regional providers, and overcoming the challenges of procuring local access services. 
  • Balacing terrestrial, submarine cable, and satellite service from different vendors in the APAC region

Bertrand Boittiaux, SVP – Head of Telecom Sourcing, APAC, CITI

Rishi Gantan, Legal Associate, ELLA CHEONG LLC

Ricky Chau, VP, APAC, LEVEL 3


Tanya Tang, Partner (Chief Economic and Policy Advisor), RAJAH & TANN SINGAPORE LLP

Moderator: Shishir Belbase, Head of the Communication and Networks Unit, ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK

16:45 Closing Remarks—Drink Sponsor speech

17:00 Networking Drinks

18:00 Close of Day One


Conference Day Two: September 21

8:30 Registration and Refreshments

9:00 Opening Remarks

9:10 Keynote: How SDN/NFV are changing the WAN

This keynote will present the carrier or vendor perspective on integrating SDN/NFV technology into existing network design. What can this new technology offer to enterprise customers and how does it change the way we understand the WAN?

Laurent Perrin, Director of International Product Management, ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES

9:35 Panel: Augmenting the Corporate Network — WAN Optimization, SD-WAN, and Security

WAN Optimization/Acceleration emerged in the early 2000s as a key means of improving performance of applications over wide-area networks while rationing high-cost WAN bandwidth. Recently, SD-WAN has emerged as an alternative to or augmentation of MPLS CoS traffic prioritization. Finally, vendors in both of
these spaces have also focused on making the network more secure, particularly in a best-efforts environment. This panel will focus on the features from third party, non-carrier vendors: 

  • What are the key current use cases for WAN optimization technologies in enterprise networks? 
  • What is the interplay between “classic” appliance-based WAN optimization technologies and more recently introduced WAN optimization as a service technique? 
  • How is SD-WAN technology integrated into and augmenting the WAN?
  • How do security solution differ from third party WAN Optimization/SD-WAN vendors from traditional MPLS providers?


Bryce Boland, Asia Pacific CTO, FIREEYE

Sander Veraar, Solution Lead, Application Aware Networking, TATA COMMUNICATIONS

Moderator: Stephan Beckert, VP Strategy, TELEGEOGRAPHY

10:15 Enterprise Case Study: Transforming the Network you Have to the Network you Need

Over the past few years, enterprise network technology has changed significantly and a number of new WAN configurations have emerged. This case study will explore how to manage the business transition between two WANs, whether it is a change of vendors, access or network products, cloud integration, or some mix of
many different changes.

Rajat Arora, Global Converged Infrastructure Lead, DIEBOLD NIXDORF

10:40 Morning Coffee Break

11:10 Knowledge Exchange: Insights from the floor

11:50 Case Study: Lessons Learned from SD-WAN Deployments on Six Continents 

Coevolve has worked with enterprises to assess, plan, deploy and manage SD-WAN solutions in over 30 countries. Almost all of these deployments have been multinational, with a strong focus on the APAC region. In this presentation we share our experience helping global enterprises adopt the technology to deliver real business benefit. This includes:

  • Focus on APAC region – approx. half of the countries are in this region
  • What has worked well? What has not worked as well as expected?
  • How to build the business case for the adoption of this technology?
  • What are the ‘early adopters’ doing with the technology now? Service chaining, emerging vs developed markets etc.
  • How to determine whether SD-WAN + Internet should replace existing network infrastructure, or augment it
  • How each industry vertical is deriving different benefits from SD-WAN technology – it is not ‘one size fits all’
  • Share some benefits we have seen across several key industry verticals including retail, manufacturing, engineering / construction, logistics, business services

Tim Sullivan, CEO, COEVOLVE

12:15 Closing Remarks

12:25 Lunch

14:00 End of Conference