New York

9 & 10 March 2020, New York Hilton Midtown

Discover the event features that maDE WAN Summit NEW YORK unique

Enterprise Breakfast

This enterprise-only event is intended to foster conversation and build a community of enterprise network managers. In addition to coffee & food to begin the day, this session offers all enterprise attendees the opportunity to discuss candidly the challenges in running their networks and glean insight and guidance from their peers.

wan booth sprint.jpg

At the WAN Summit we know that you want as much information into new products & services as quickly as possible. That is why we will be holding the first WAN Booth Sprint on Day One of the conference. While there is no running involved, it will allow you to listen to the latest offerings of 10 different companies in just one hour, without having to book a meeting, share your details or even having to take the first step. AND you’ll get to enter the WAN Summit prize draw.

How to participate as visitor:

  • Pick up a stamp pass from the registration desk.

  • Be in the exhibition area at the start of the session.

  • When the bell sounds pick an exhibitor booth and enjoy a quick & concise 5-minute product pitch. No strings attached.

  • When the next bell sounds, collect your stamp and move on the next booth.

  • The next pitch will start with the bell.

  • Repeat.

  • Once you have collected your 10 stamps, fill out your information on the back of the card and return it to enter the prize draw.

  • If you enjoyed a pitch, you can always return to the booth later for a more detailed discussion.

For more information: Download the leaflet here

You’re an exhibitor? Download the exhibitor information here


Enterprise Roundtables

Networking professionals from across verticals come together to exchange tips, discuss common challenges, and get to know each other in this series of community-building meetings. Discussion breakouts include:

  • Network Challenges in Financial Services  

  • SD-WAN from Research to Rollout

  • Cloud Connectivity and Security 

  • Sourcing and Performance Strategies for Hybrid Networks  

  • Small & Medium Enterprises


Networking Drinks Reception

After a long day of conference sessions, everyone deserves a drink (or two), which is why WAN Summits end the first day with an informal networking reception. Peruse the different service offerings by checking out the exhibition booths, drink in hand, or chat to industry peers about the proceedings of the day.


User Presentations & Panel Discussions with Live Q&A

Do you have a follow-up question, or do you disagree with what has been said? Or do you just want to reassure the speaker that your experience has been the same? At the WAN Summit, the audience are not just spectators, but are actively encourage to get involved in the on-stage debates and to share their own insights. Whether you want to pick up the microphone or send in your questions and comments over the app is up to you.


Live Polling

Using interactive conference technology, you are not only able to be part of the conversation at the WAN Summit, but get instant inclusive insights into the state of the industry through live polling sessions throughout the event.