2015 Agenda

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WAN Summit New York  

April 27-28, 2015



Conference Day One: April 27 

8:30 Registration & Refreshments 

9:00 Opening Remarks from the Chair 

Stephan Beckert, VP, Strategy — TeleGeography

9:10 Competing on Connectivity 

Shawn Hakl, VP, Enterprise Network and Managed Services — Verizon Enterprise Solutions

9:30 Traffic Detours: Offloading Network Traffic to the Internet
Many organizations are seeking to shift a growing share of their corporate data traffic off of their private network to the “public” internet, not just to reduce costs, but often also to improve performance. This panel discussion will explore the opportunities and potential challenges of this transition.

  • In what circumstances does it make sense to offload traffic to the Internet?
  • What types of traffic are particularly well suited to this approach? What types of traffic cannot be easily offloaded?
  • What pitfalls can organizations encounter when seeking to push corporate traffic to the Internet?
  • What share of traffic can organizations offload to the Internet? How great are the cost savings?
  • Lessons learned and best practice: What has been the experience of organizations that have made the transition?

Ciaran Roche, Co-Founder and CTO — Coevolve

Jeff Gray, Senior Director, Infrastructure Services — Warner Music Group

Steve Masters, Vice President, Customer Innovation & Solution Design — BT

Robert Schult, Research Director — TeleGeography (moderator) 

10:15 Offloading Traffic to the Internet to Reduce Costs and Improve Performance

Lakshmi Eleswarpu, Director, Network Engineering — The Coca-Cola Company

10:40 Morning Coffee Break & Dedicated Networking

11:25 International Enterprise Service Availability 

Robert Schult, Research Director — TeleGeography

11:40 The Enterprise Cloud: How the Cloud is Changing the Network
Cloud services have been hailed for their potential to reduce costs and improve IT flexibility by centralizing applications and consolidating resources. However, to capture these potential long-term savings, many organizations must first make substantial near-term investments in network infrastructure. This session will explore common challenges experienced in adapting corporate networks to access cloud platforms, and steps that network planners can take to smooth the process and maximize the return on their network investments.

  • What are the near and longer term networking challenges that organisations encounter when they expand their use of cloud services?
  • How do the design considerations for connecting to public and private cloud services differ?
  • How can organizations ensure QoS and security of data and traffic when connecting to cloud services?
  • What role can WAN optimization technologies play in facilitating cloud connectivity?

Anand Narasimhan, Director, Program Architects —

Ben Edmond, Chief Revenue Officer — Global Capacity

Alastair Johnson, Principal Solution Architect — Nuage Networks

Erik Kreifeldt, Senior Analyst — TeleGeography (moderator) 

12:20 Networking Lunch

13:50 Hands On vs. Hands-Off: The Evolution of Managed Network Services
Carriers’ network service offerings are evolving along divergent paths. The growing adoption of cloud-based services and applications has elevated the role of networks in enterprise IT, and generated significant regulatory complexity. In response, some global carriers are proposing to take a hands-on role in enterprise customers’ network management policies and traffic routing decisions. On the other hand, competing network operators are championing the capacity of commodity transport services, such as Ethernet and DIA, to suit the needs of a growing range of applications. This panel discussion will explore:

  • How have the managed service offerings of global carriers evolved? What new value-added services do carriers offer? Which have seen the greatest uptake?
  • What types of organizations are likely to find advantages in commodity transport services? What types of organizations are more likely to value highly managed services?
  • What opportunities exist for companies to combine elements of both?

Braham Singh, VP & Senior Advisor — Hutchison Global Communications

Gina Nomellini, CMO — One Source Networks

George Kaichis, CTO — WireIE

Rohit Kumar, Principal Solutions Architect - Network Applications — Level 3 Communications

Robert Schult, Research Director — TeleGeography (moderator) 

14:30 Enterprise Network Price Benchmarks 

Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst — TeleGeography

14:50 Afternoon Coffee Break & Dedicated Networking

15:35 WAN Security Threat Landscape and Best Mitigation Practices 
The WAN is seeing increasingly sophisticated security threats, and with that comes the need for a new approach to mitigate them. This presentation will address how mining data that is already available in your network can provide real-time intelligence for advanced threat mitigation.

Rex Stover, Vice President, Enterprise Business, Americas — PCCW Global

15:55 Making the Most of the Networks Contracting Process
What steps can enterprise service buyers take to develop successful network service contracts?

  • How can buyers make the most of the RFP process?
  • What measures do buyers need to take before issuing the RFP? Is a preliminary RFI necessary, or even advisable?
  • How can buyers effectively compare the costs and benefits of a packaged solution versus procuring specified network services?

Mark Sheard, Managing Director — TechCaliber Consulting 

Taki Remtulla, CTO & Partner — Abilita

Rob Bush, COO & Co-Founder — SourceConnect

Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst — TeleGeography (moderator) 

16:40 Closing Remarks from the Chair

Stephan Beckert, VP, Strategy — TeleGeography

16:45 Networking Drinks


Conference Day Two: April 28


8:30 Registration & Refreshments 

9:00 Opening Remarks from the Chair 

Stephan Beckert, VP, Strategy — TeleGeography

9:10 The Changing Role of the WAN: Matching Networks to Shifting Business Needs
Enterprise service providers and buyers must design networks and enter into multi-year service contracts that satisfy current user needs, and that can be adapted to meet their future requirements. This balancing act is complicated by the constantly changing set of applications used by corporate teams, and the ongoing evolution of networking technologies. This opening panel will provide perspectives on the evolution of enterprise applications and network technologies, and their implications for corporate network planners and service providers. 

  • What are the key applications that shape corporate network requirements? 
  • How are these applications changing, and how do they affect corporate network requirements?
  • What challenges do corporate networks teams and service providers face in meeting these requirements?

Chalan Aras, VP and General Manager, CloudBridge Networking — Citrix

Khalid Raza, CTO — Viptela

Michael Thornton, IT Sr. Manager — Telecom Management Services (TMS), IT Global Infrastructure Services (GIS), Cisco Systems, Inc.

Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst — TeleGeography (moderator) 

9:50 Deploying New WAN Architectures to Address Evolving Business Requirements

Kristan Kline, Director, Global Network Operations — Avaya

Brianna Boudreau, Senior Analyst — TeleGeography (moderator) 

10:15 Morning Coffee Break & Dedicated Networking

11:00 Bringing SDN and NFV from Concept to Reality
SDN and NFV are two of the most highly touted technologies in networks, but the terms have been applied to a wide range of vendor and carrier solutions. This panel will explore the state of NFV and SDN.

  • What are the key common denominators of different vendors' approaches to SDN and NFV?
  • How mature are the technologies, and what are the practical and commercial challenges to deploying these technologies?
  • What new WAN features can SDN and NFV enable, and what common problems encountered by service buyers do they solve? Do the practical benefits justify the hype?

Sam Koetter, Senior Product Manager — XO Communications

Philip Olivero, CTO — Lightower Fiber Networks 

Jeff Shafer, Executive Director, Network on Demand — AT&T

Erik Kreifeldt, Senior Analyst — TeleGeography (moderator) 

11:40 2020 Foresight: The Future of Enterprise Networks
We are at the beginning of a period of sweeping change in the corporate networks sector, driven by the rise of cloud services, the emergence of new networking technologies and changes in user devices, applications and behaviors. This panel will explore the implications of these developments.

  • What will corporate networks look like in 2020?
  • What technologies will be in widespread use?
  • How will architectures change and adapt to demands of BYOD and the consumerization of IT? Will network technologies differ in emerging markets?
  • How will companies approach network contracting?

Justin Castillo, Head of Legal — BT Americas

David Alan Hughes, Vice President, IP Engineering — PCCW Global

Jim Poole, VP, Global Service Providers — Equinix

Robert Schult, Research Director — TeleGeography (moderator) 

12:20 Closing Remarks from the Chair

Stephan Beckert, VP, Strategy — TeleGeography

12:25 Networking Lunch

13:45 Close of Conference