Lancaster Hotel London, 17-18 October 2017

What You Need To Know About SD-WAN And How It Will Shape Your Network.

At the 2016 WAN Summit London, Matthew Finnie, CTO, INTEROUTE, presented the carrier or vendor perspective on integrating SD-WAN technology into existing network design. What can this new technology offer to enterprise customers and how does it change the way we understand the WAN?

View his slides here.


The State Of The Hybrid WAN.

The decade plus dominance of the all-MPLS WAN is waning and hybrid network solutions that incorporate dedicated internet access and business broadband are becoming increasingly more common. The session gathered experiences from carriers, vendors, and end-users on why they moved traffic to the internet, how they integrated SD-WAN into their network strategy, and what they learned along the way.


An Update On Adidas Group's Network Transformation.

As a follow up to his highly popular presentation in 2015, Alberto Pedraz of Adidas Group, gives an update to his project to augment the footwear giant's global network with broadband internet.

View the slides here.

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