5 March 2018, Roda Al Murooj Hotel

What's WAN Summit Dubai? 

Take a look at what happened at this year's WAN Summit London

The only event examining the WAN market drivers, enterprise connectivity and evolving technologies for the end user and service provider communities

With summits already firmly established in London, New York, Singapore and Frankfurt attended by over 500 organisations, which have stimulated thousands of conversations and catalysed numerous partnerships for the next generation of WAN innovation, we are delighted to launch the WAN Summit Dubai to bring together corporate WAN strategists and service provider executives to discuss common challenges, gain new perspectives, and to build business relationships with potential suppliers, customers, and peers.

No other event offers comparable opportunities for meaningful interaction between the providers and buyers of enterprise network services.

Deliver Enterprise Connectivity In A Changing Landscape

Connectivity is vital for all businesses. Whether you need to communicate with customers, clients or employees, or simply rely on it to deliver your service, the importance of connectivity cannot be overstated. What’s more, this importance is clearly growing. In the always-on, cloud-based, mobile-first digital world that we inhabit, enterprise connectivity is not merely desirable -- it is expected at all times.

Connectivity, of course, means different things to different businesses and the level of connectivity that you are able to provide is likely to depend on a number of factors. Do you have the technology required, including the hardware and network infrastructure, to support your business processes? Are you embracing the kind of new, innovative, cutting-edge connectivity options that modern enterprise customers expect? The answers to these questions are vital for enterprises regardless of the industry they inhabit and will be addressed at WAN Summit Dubai.

Connectivity Benefits In Upgrading Your WAN

The performance required by enterprises concerning their network infrastructure is also changing. Data-rich services, high-definition video content and the movement of applications to the cloud has meant that network connectivity has to be more robust than ever before. Connectivity should not take a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather make the best use of all the options available. Mobility, flexibility and agility are hallmarks of a successful organisation, but in order to achieve them, businesses must first have the hardware, software and network infrastructure in place to facilitate reliable enterprise connectivity and the solutions can be found at WAN Summit Dubai.

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We are actively recruiting case studies for the WAN Summit Dubai. Don't miss this opportunity to share best practice in a fertile environment for knowledge exchange, networking and insight. 

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