WAN Summit London 2015

October 7-8, 2015
America Square Conference Centre

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The Changing Role of the WAN: Matching WAN Networks to Shifting Business Needs

James Walker, VP, Managed Services — Tata Communications

Augmenting the WAN with Broadband Internet

Alberto Pedraz, Senior Director IT, Global Connectivity & Workplace — Adidas Group

WAN Evolution: Hybridizing the WAN

Robert Schult, Research Director — TeleGeography

Cost Considerations for Hybrid WAN Designs

Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst — TeleGeography

Readying Cisco's Own Network for Public Cloud Services

Dipesh Patel, Senior Network Architect — Cisco

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Opening Remarks

Stephan Beckert, Vice President, Strategy—TeleGeography


The Evolving Networked IT Landscape

Keith Langridge, Vice President, Network Services—BT Global Services

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Connecting to the Cloud

James Walker, Vice President, Managed Network Services—Tata Communications 
Will Warner, VP, Solutions Engineering & Business Development—Global Cloud Xchange
Michael Winterson, Managing Director—Equinix Services
Daniel Beazer, Consultant—BroadGroup Consulting (moderator)


International Enterprise Service Availability 

Robert Schult, Director of Research—TeleGeography

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Managing the Enterprise Network Evolution 

Vincent Teissier, Director, Business Development—Cogent Communications
James Thornborrow, Director, EMEA Sales—Glue Networks 
Joachim van Collenburg, Product Director—euNetworks 
Robert Schult, Director of Research—TeleGeography (moderator) 

Connecting Schneider Electric to the Cloud 

Lionel Marie, Network Architect—Schneider Electric

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Making the Most of the Networks Contracting Process 

Mike Conradi, Partner—DLA Piper 
Phil Irvine, Managing Consultant—PA Consulting 
Mike Newlove, Co-founder & Managing Director—Hudson & Yorke 
Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst—TeleGeography (moderator)



Enterprise Network Price Benchmarks 

Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst—TeleGeography

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Ensuring Service Reliability 

Alex Connors, Head of Fixed Connectivity Services—Vodafone Global Enterprise 
Leon Cozzi, Solutions Architect—Cisco 
Andy Johnson, Managing Director, EMEA/APAC—GTT  
Don McAuley, Technical Sales Director—Interoute
Brianna Boudreau, Senior Analyst—TeleGeography (moderator)



The Future of Networks 

Keith Langridge, Vice President of Network Services—BT Global Services 
Prenesh Padayachee, Chief Technology Officer—Internet Solutions 
Dipesh Patel, Senior Network Architect—Cisco 
Daniel Sjöberg, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Business Development, Products & Marketing, EMEA—Level 3 Communications 
Robert Schult, Director of Research—TeleGeography (moderator)


Opening Remarks
Stephan Beckert, VP Strategy, TeleGeography.

Networks in a Time of Transition
James Walker, VP Managed Networks Services, Tata Communications.

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Ethernet & MPLS Market Trends and Prices
Robert Schult, Director of Research, TeleGeography.

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Reach vs. Speed—Matching Networks to Needs
Vincent Teissier, Director Business Development, Cogent.
Gary Davis, Solution Architect, Cisco.
Stefano Maifreni, Solutions Marketing Manager, Colt.
Sotiris Ioannou, IP Architect, Interoute.
Robert Schult, Director Research, TeleGeography. (Moderator)

Harnessing the Cloud for a Corporate WAN
David Ferguson, VP Communications Technology, Pearson. 
Brianna Boudreau, Analyst, TeleGeography. (Moderator)

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Centers of Gravity: Integrating Data Centers & Private Clouds into Enterprise Networks
Jason Friedler, Vertical Marketing Manager Networks, Equinix. 
Andrew Ledson, Cloud Solution Specialist, Telstra.
Steve Hughes, Principal Cloud Specialist, Colt.
Neil Cresswell, CEO, Virtus Data Centers.
Steve Wallage, Managing Director, Broad Group Consulting. (Moderator)


Out with the Old
Uwe Nickl, Chief Marketing Officer, euNetworks.

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Service Availability in Emerging Markets
Robert Schult, Director of Research, TeleGeography.

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Emerging Markets—Promises and Pitfalls
Rick Hillson, Senior Vice President International Networks, 2Connect. 
Eric Celeyrette, Director of Telecom, Nielsen.
Mike van den Bergh, Chief Marketing Officer, PCCW Global.
Robert Schult, Director of Research, TeleGeography. (Moderator)


Local Color: European Regional Carriers
Joachim van Collenburg, Product Director, euNetworks.  
Colm Piercy, CEO, Viatel / Digiweb. 
Brianna Boudreau, Research Analyst, TeleGeography. (Moderator)

Local Access Market Trends and Prices
Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst, TeleGeography.

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The Longest Mile: Local Access
Nick Polydorou, Deputy Director and Head of Network Consulting & Planning, KDDI. 
Mark Bennett, Product Management, Vodafone. 
Justin McAleer, Senior Director, Business Growth Programs, Level 3.
Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst, TeleGeography. (Moderator)


Future Shockproof: Designing Future Proof Networks
Dipesh Patel, Senior Network Architect, Cisco. 
Keith Langridge, Vice President Network Services, BT Global.
Andy Johnson, Managing Director, EMEA, GTT.
Justin Castillo, Partner, Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, LLP (LB3).
Robert Schult, Director of Research, TeleGeography. (Moderator)