WAN Summit



5 March 2018

Roda Al Murooj Hotel
New York

16 & 17 April 2018

Marriott Marquis Times Square

27 & 28 June 2018

Villa Kennedy Frankfurt

11 & 12 September 2018

Westin Singapore Hotel
17 & 18 October 2018


Three Reasons to Attend

1. A Unique Event That Draws On The Expertise And Experience Of WAN Professionals 

No other WAN conference gives you the breadth of programming that address the diverse set of challenges faced by WAN managers including how to adopt the latest technologies, manage the procurement process, keep network costs under control, maintain strong network security, and deploy cloud-based software.



2. Better Networking Opportunities Than Those Other WAN Conferences You’ve Heard About

Have face-to-face meetings with enterprise peers, service providers, experienced IT consultants, and WAN software vendors. Start your next WAN evolution in focused, small groups discussions and collegial networking sessions.


3. Full of Valuable Insights And Real Life Lessons At An Unbeatable Price

It's unanimous. Our attendees all agree that the WAN Summit is a good value. Find out what two days of carefully programmed sessions and ample networking opportunities can do for you and your network plans. Join us at the WAN Summit.


Who Should Attend THE WAN SUMMIT

Network Managers

You’re responsible for a complex, global enterprise network. You’re under pressure to cut costs and grow your network, but don’t have enough time to research the latest networking solutions or best practices. At the WAN Summit you will:

  • Learn from your peers how to redesign your network to take advantage of SD-WAN technology
  • Meet IT solution providers with bleeding edge networking solutions
Past attendees from:

Service Providers

You deliver corporate telecommunication services to enterprises with global networks. You recognize that your services need to adapt to the demands of the cloud and the evolving traffic patterns on your customers' networks. At the WAN Summit you will:

  • Find out what challenges network managers face today
  • Learn how enterprises deliver cloud services to their organization
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IT Solutions Vendors

You’re an IT solutions vendor seeking to promote your unique networking solutions to a wider audience. You’re tired of conferences where the focus is too broad, making it difficult to engage potential customers. At the WAN Summit you will:

  • Engage with a highly-focused group of enterprise attendees seeking to learn how to improve their WAN
  • Hear about new solutions offered by telecom service providers
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You are a consultancy with years of experience helping enterprises take control of their network procurement, handle their RFQs, select and manage IT solution vendors. You want to meet prospective customers in a setting that is ripe for engagement. You need to come to the WAN Summit where you will:

  • Meet enterprise attendees actively looking for solutions to network challenges 
  • Catch up with leading telecom service providers and learn how they are adapting to the cloud
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  • "Excellent Summit—keep up the great event. It is great to have a conference that focuses on the WAN."
    Peter Mylonas
  • “The best conference to attend to get an impartial focus on enterprise WAN."
    Kristan Kline
    Kaiser Permanente
  • "Discussion was very well orchestrated. Excellent program execution and very good lineup of speakers."
    Randy Slack