Westin Singapore, September 12-13 2017

Agenda 2017

Advisory Board:

Shishir Belbase, Head, Communications & Networks Unit, Asia Development Bank 
Peter Leong, Head, Regional IT – Asia, Petronas Lubricants International
Tanya Tang, Chief Economic and Policy Advisor, Rajah & Tann Singapore, LLP
Lucas Goh, IT Director, Infrastructure & Operations, Volex
Michael Becerra, Head of Network Architecture, DHL

Conference Day One: September 12

8:15     Registration and Refreshments

9:00     Opening Remarks  

9:10     How Smart Networks are Changing the Corporate WAN
The WAN is finally becoming programmable, and this is changing how corporations design, buy, and implement changes to their networks. This keynote will highlight what changes the SDx technologies are bringing and what business problems they can solve for the IT team and the WAN manager. 

9:35     Presentation: SDN, SD-WAN, NFV, VNF: I’m Confused!
With all the buzzwords it is hard to sort out exactly what each means for the corporate WAN manager. This presentation will offer a brief explanation of each concept and how it all comes together.  

10:00    Panel: Hybrid Transformations – Experiences with Adopting SD-WAN and Integrating Internet into the WAN

•    What are the top two or three criteria for selecting an SD-WAN vendor?
•    Now that more enterprises have rolled out hybrid WANs, what have been the impacts on overall WAN spend?
•    In selecting among various CPE and hardware options, what are the benefits and costs of solutions such as vCPE on an x86 server versus vendor-supplied hardware? Does zero touch live up to its promise? 
•    Is SD-WAN ready for IPv6?
•    How does SD-WAN affect the last mile? Are enterprises integrating broadband, LTE, and other last mile alternatives in new ways as a result?
•    How does SD-WAN change the on-site IT skills needed at branch offices?
•    Was there a requirement to rip and replace current infrastructure, if so, did this fall into EOL, KEC (keep environment current)?


10:55     Morning Coffee Break

11:25     Enterprise Case Study: Hybrid WAN Proof of Value

11:50    TeleGeography Presentation: Benchmarking Enterprise Networks — Modeling Hybrid Network Costs    

12:15     Lunch

13:45     Panel: Cloudify the WAN – How to Adapt your WAN to Accommodate Cloud-Based Applications

•    How are most enterprises connecting to cloud providers and should this change going forward? Are there different strategies for connecting to multiple cloud providers?
•    What implications do cloud services pose for clear security standards and logical architectures? 
o    What specific methods do you use to secure this new cloud environment?
•    How can enterprises design their network to ensure performance of applications that are being accessed remotely? How do you delineate responsibility for performance assurance between the network provider and cloud service provider? 
•    What are the costs and network factors enterprises should consider when moving an application to the cloud?
•    What additional issues does IoT bring to enterprise cloud strategy?
•    How does cloud provider geography affect network design?
•    How has private vs. public cloud impacted the WAN?
•    What new security challenges have the change in cloud utilization lead to?    

14:25    Enterprise Case Study: Adapting my WAN to the Cloud


15:05     Afternoon Coffee Break

15:35     Enterprise Case Study: Finding the Best Data Center Strategy

16:00     Panel: Migration of the Corporate DataCenter—Moving Corporate Data to Shared Spaces

•    What’s driving this shift? What are the key factors in coming up with a new datacenter strategy?
•    What services or applications stay on private servers, and what is shifting to public cloud?
•    What impact does this change have on network design? What are the challenges with connectivity between private DC /cloud, and connectivity from offices to DC/cloud?
•    What are key criteria in selecting DCs and colo sites?
•    How does moving data offsite affect the last mile and site bandwidth needs?
•    What are the user and application impacts of changing datacenter strategy?
•    What is the security impact of this change?
•    What role does the application design play?

16:40     Extended Q&A

16:50    Closing Remarks—Drink Sponsor speech

17:00     Networking Drinks

18:15     Close of Day One

Conference Day One: September 12

8:30     Registration and Refreshments

9:00     Opening Remarks
9:10     How SD-WAN is changing the Design and Technology of the WAN

9:35     Panel: WAN Monitoring and Security – Utilizing WAN Acceleration/Optimization, Cloud Security, and Performance Data in the New Hybrid WAN

•    Is there any need for WAN Optimization/Acceleration in the SD-WAN enabled network?
•    How does SD-WAN change security needs and how does this differ by industry?
•    Are cloud-based firewalls a workable alternative security strategy? In what situations?
•    Is cloud security a roadblock for some users in adopting SD-WAN?
•    What challenges does the move from private to public cloud for business applications present?
•    Can cloud monitoring improve application performance and enhance security?
•    How can enterprises prepare for known threats such as DDOS?
•    What tools are available for managing IoT?


10:30     Enterprise Case Study: Utilizing WAN Monitoring and Security Tools

10:55     Morning Coffee Break

11:25     TeleGeography Presentation: Global Enterprise Networks and Submarine Cable Capacity

11:50      Enterprise Case Study: How to Accommodate the Coming IoT Explosion

12:15    Panel: The Future of your WAN – Growing your WAN to Meet the Demands of the Modern Workplace

•    How do you extend the corporate network and its security and QoS requirements to employees that are increasingly mobile, on outside devices, and on consumer-sourced connections?
•    How do enterprises understand and forecast bandwidth needs at each site? Are there tools or do they rely on carriers and vendors based on business needs?
•    What impact do OTT communication tools have on bandwidth needs?
•    Does IoT and machine-to-machine add to capacity constraints or is it too small to matter?
•    IPv6 has been on the horizon for quite some time, but rollouts are now finally coming. Are WANs ready to adapt?
•    Are there particular challenges for highly regulated industries such as banking/finance?
•    How do IoT and big data change the job of the WAN manager and what tools can help?


13:20    Networking Lunch

15:00    Close of Summit